Welcome to Reality

We are an L.A. based startup building the first Augmented Reality platform that scales to everyday use.

We allow anyone to enhance the real world with information, stories, and memories - as easy as posting on Instagram.

Download of Early Access version:

Mockup of the MarbleAR opp on the latest iPhone models
What's Marble?
Marble keeps your memories and stories at locations alive. Others who pass by those locations can find what was left behind. People get a deeper understanding for their direct surrounding. In a nutshell: It is a location-based augmented reality app.
Okay, what's your USP?
Simplicity and integration. Placing photos, videos, sound, text or links in the real world is as easy as posting on Instagram. No coding or AR targets required. Available on 800 million devices.
And your goal is?
To be the first Augmented Reality platform for everyday use.
Okay but how do you create everyday use?
Everyday use is created through the combination of usecases. We will start with a behaviour that has existed in humanity forever. We let people say “I was here.” That is not something new, we just empower people do it in a more efficient digital way.
Great, how can we make money with that?
A world full of marbles is a world full of locations, people and their interests. It’s ideal for brands, artists and influencers to step up their fan engagement marketing. Thanks to our business backend we offer an all-in-one solution for creating and tracking these campaigns.
Is this a great use-case for 5G?
Yes, Marble is a perfect use-case for this new tech. Real-time collaborative Augmented Reality needs high throughput and low latency, which are key features of 5G. And we're literally targeting everyone, everywhere.


    Q1 2019
  • Incorporated Feb 2019
  • Accepted into Techstars Music
  • Raised $130k from Angels
    Q3 2019
  • Drafted a team
  • Prototype Development
  • Early Access Release


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Tom Brückner
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Julius Freund
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